Copywriting for Therapists

Build client relationships online and offline for greater customer retention, more sessions on the books and a practice you look forward to waking up to.

Therapeutic Relationship Fantasies

Hey! You’re not perfect. And that’s OK. Having the perfect relationship with your clients is… well… in some cases, a total fantasy. Relationships are challenging – for anyone. They take time, attention and effort (consistent effort).

At Ripe, it’s all about doing the deeper work to zero in on your ideal client, your specialty, your niche … bridging the gap online and offline for loyal customers who complete their treatment and get the growth they need … while you have the most successful, thriving practice you’ve always dreamed of.

Growth comes from the relationship that’s developed between the therapist and the client.

Sometimes being a "professional" therapist can actually prevent you from being your best self, doing your best work and helping those you're TRULY CALLED to work with. 

The mask you must wear makes it difficult to iron out your specialty and identify your ideal client, because ultimately, on a deeper level, your true authentic self is in "professional" chains. 

All these rules and regulations and fear about how you're supposed to show up causes a disconnect... and your clients feel it. 

But more importantly, you feel it too. 

No matter how much you shove it down, mind your P's and Q's, and are careful not to cross the line... unconsciously, it starts to weigh on your ability to uncover and attract your ideal client.

The lines get crossed and things get muddy - even for you - resulting in a practice that's not so profitable, scalable, or much less... sustainable. 

Copywriting for Therapists

Get Sustainable

Successful therapists know who they are – they know who they appeal to and what they’re trying to communicate – resulting in a clear marketing message for greater sustainability, consistent business, and clients that come back to you and only you, time and time again.

Nix Networking

Dump the old school networking at night, passing out business cards, dropping off gift baskets or asking doctors to lunch – it’s not the best use of your time if it’s not fit for you. Dial in your direct marketing strategy for more referrals than you know what to do with.

Cancel Social Media

Social Media is not the only solution for attracting clients and making sales – it’s simply the loudest – but truthfully, you’re nothing more than a needle in a haystack spinning your wheels getting nowhere fast. Get your message out there without being banned or bowing down to Facebook.

Attract Ideal Clients

You don’t have to paint yourself into a corner committing to one kind of client with one kind of problem. You can have your cake and eat it too. It’s about doing the deeper work to figure out who you are and who you help so that YOU and your clients both experience the greatest impact, fulfillment and growth.

One in five clients will drop out of psychotherapy before completing treatment.

– Joshua K. Swift, PhD, and Roger Greenberg, PhD, published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology

Get the Guarantee

I guarantee the lifetime value of your existing customer base will double in the first year… or my services are free.

What’s the fastest way to create lasting connections and book more sessions with your clients?

What fans are saying

“In addition to writing comprehensive and personalized copy, Maren is quick to respond. I am grateful that we connected. Maren is now a part of my marketing/vendor team. And for that I’m thankful!”

Peggy A., The Florida Center for Healthy Sexuality, Sarasota, FL.

“I was approached by Maren with some great suggestions for my website. I knew I needed a refresh. The process was simple and Maren intuitively understood what I needed. I highly recommend Ripe Copy.”

– Wendy H., Sex and Love Therapy, Sarasota, FL